Argentina Champion of the First Women’s Polo World Cup

Argentina Champion of the First Women’s Polo World Cup

Argentina continues to make history in Polo. The Argentine team won the First Women’s Polo World Cup.


After 11 professional games, full of adrenaline and energy, the team led by Milo Fernández Araújo took first place.


Agustina Imaz 4 (2 goals), Azucena Uranga 5, Catalina Lavinia 6 (3, one penalty) and Paulina Vasquetto 1 (1 goal) demonstrated their passion for the sport, and the synergy that undoubtedly strengthened them in each match.


Agustina Imaz shares her experience with our horses: “They are machines. All super meek and helped me enjoy each game. Many thanks to the people of Argentina Polo Day for helping us and accompanying us.”


Frances Townend of the England team tells us: “The horses were very good. There were no differences between the teams for the horses. Each one did exactly what he asked them to do. My horses are very good”


It was a pride to participate in this historic event together with the Argentine Polo Association and the International Polo Federation.


We always rely on the performance of the 80 horses that we prepare for the game of the selection of Ireland, England and Argentina.


These events make the history of polo, a history of Argentine leadership, of enjoyment for those who watch and play it around the world, and without a doubt promote polo in the world and mainly encourage girls to join every day!