Argentina Polo Day is Where You Should Be!

Argentina Polo Day is Where You Should Be!

Argentina Polo Day the ideal setting to discover the secrets of this exclusive Argentine sport.

The year started full of polo, great moments, delicious food and lots of friends!! We share it with you!


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Polo Day Jan 2nd: Argentina Polo Day is About Great Memories!

Polo Day Jan 4th: Watch Polo, Play Polo and Score!

Polo Day Jan 5th: Live Polo Lifestyle, and Keep Playing!

Polo Day Jan 6th: Polo Argentino. Every Day of the Year!

Polo Day Jan 7th: EveryDay Polo to Watch, Polo to Enjoy!

Polo Day Jan 8th: Discover the Polo Player In You!

Polo Night Jan 8th: Stories to Tell. This Night is Polo!

Polo Night Jan 9th: Polo. Asado. Friends. It Rocks!

Polo Day Jan 10th: Polo is Just Too Good. And It Is Truth!

Polo Day Jan 12th: Argentina Polo Day is What You Must-Do!

Polo Day Jan 13th: Live Your Vacations Like You Always Dream It!

Polo Day Jan 15th: Argentina. Polo. Horses. Disconnect and Reload

Polo Day Jan 16th: The Polo Experience Made for All!

Polo Day Jan 18th: Do More Of What Makes You HAPPY!

Polo Day Jan 20th: One, Two, Three: Lets Play Polo!

Polo Day Jan 22nd: Argentina Polo Day is Where You Should Be!

Polo Day Jan 25th: Have The Best Day. Be A Polo Player!

Polo Day Jan 28th: Play Big. Lets Polo!

Polo Night Jan 29th: Where The Night Starts!

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