Friendship Cup Argentina Polo Day and El Relincho Polo

This weekend, March 14th and 15th, we will be hosting a Polo Tournament at El Camino Polo Club, one of the Polo Clubs of Argentina Polo Day.

We will have 4 teams of outstanding polo players.We will play 6 chukkers each Polo match accompanied by a professional empire. And also we will have very high expectations!

Thank you so much to the sponsors supporting this event: Stella Artois, Esplendor Boutique Hotels, Delly Brand, Miguel Acuña Saddlery and Campari.

Thank you also to El Relincho Polo for the co-participation on this Polo Tournament.

and we look forward to meeting you there and keep enjoying the best polo of the world

every day of the year with Argentina Polo Day!


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