Adolfo Cambiaso, Mejor polista del año

If you ask randomly which sports generate more benefits, surely the horse riding is not among the first ones. As many people think, it is also possible that you wonder whether it is really a sport. The truth is that horseriding is one of the most completed and beneficial sports of all. Within the horse riding we can differentiate several disciplines. We will talk about the polo.

As we know, polo is an intense sport with fast movements, thus muscular benefits produced by the horseriding could be amplified. Those constant movements on the horse helps to tone muscles like the abs, the buttocks or the legs.

The same about the arms, which have to support a high tension to control the horse and the grip of the reins.

Additionally, polo is an acrobatic discipline so if it is practiced regularly and in long term, you will have superior respiratory capacities and you will muscle your heart.

These benefits will not only help to improve the strengths, if you maintain a correct body posture, but also they are good to prevent possible injuries, to reinforce the sense of balance, to improve motor coordination and to favour blood circulation.

But not all the benefits are at muscle level, the polo has many others psychological benefits. Practicing polo helps to overcome fears, to take confidence in one selves, to know how to make effective decisions in shorts period of time, to be alert to possible changes (in plays) and to increase the perception of reflexes. It helps rider and horse to maintain mutual confidence.

In conclusion, polo is not just one of the many sports existing. In spite of generating muscles benefits, it also requires qualities such as straightness, effort and concentration. It is a great way to relax and disconnect from the daily routine and being in contact with nature.

Translated by Lorena Soto

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