Horse Training: Some Tips for You

Horse Training: Some Tips for You

Horse training includes different phases. The bodybuilding phase, before starting the basic exercises, is very important for their health and future performance.

One of the parts of the equine body that requires a lot of attention is its posterior third. In this area, which is basically composed of rump, thigh, buttock, hip tip and hind limbs (the feet), is where the propulsion force is generated.

Regardless of the discipline to which a horse is subsequently dedicated (dressage, jump, endurance, polo, racing, recreation, etc.), gymnastic exercises on easels and small jumps, will help good muscle development.

For horse training, it is highly recommended to go out to the field frequently. The horse will not only benefit from physical exercise but from the distraction that nature produces.

We must take advantage of the irregularities of the roads in rural areas. The ups and downs make a horse muscular in its entire body, especially in its back third.

In addition, in the field we must also be aware of the correct “placement” of the horse. We must look for our horse to carry us well in any circumstance.