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Each country has its own traditions and Argentina has a rich culture with vast international recognition. The most significant ones are the tango, the mate, the BBQ and its horseback riding. Symbols that are spread widely across the country.

The tango

Considered a national dance, it is characteristic of the Rio de la Plata and it has a great influence in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Carlos Gardel, Julio Sosa, Tita Merello are just some names of an endless list of distinguished tango singers who have immortalized melodies that seduce anyone who listen to them.


Songs like «Mi Buenos Aires querido » (My beloved Buenos Aires), «Balada para un loco» (Ballad for a crazy one) and «El día que me quieras» (The day you love me) have become popular around the world, crossing borders and taking Argentine culture to unthought places, to such a level that in the years 2009 and 2010, Japanese dancers became World Tango Champions.

The mate

Typical Argentinean drink, which is always in every house and every get-together. It is an infusion of leaves of yerba mate, so popular that it is shared at any time of the day. It is very significant for all Argentines for what it represents in social life.


Sweet or bitter, with orange or lemon, the mate is a symbol of friendship that cannot be missed in any meeting of family and friends.


The Argentinean BBQ is much more than a typical meal, like the mate, it is the perfect excuse for sharing a good moment with family and friends.
Argentina has the best meat in the world, that is why the classic BBQ is the most chosen dish by both Argentines and foreigners.

asado argentino

With different cuts of meat and different tastes according to the technique of each barbecuer, this typical meal can be enjoyed in any restaurant and homes. Argentine BBQ is a true delicacy worth trying many times during your visit.

The horses and Horseback riding

Horse are part of the country life in Argentina. The horseback riding for tourism purposes allow us to enjoy walks around incredible landscapes. The leading company is Argentina Polo Day, where you find more than 250 quality polo horses and excellent courses to ride.

The place has qualified instructors available every day of the year. The riders, with the help of the instructor, will be able to select the right horse according to their needs. Soft horses for amateurs or defiant horses for experienced riders.

Before the horseback riding, each rider will be given individual instructions to enjoy the day to the fullest. Everything is planned to make your day in the estancia a memorable experience.

More great activities to do in Argentina

If you are a sport enthusiasts and keen for adventures, in Argentina Polo Day you have the possibility to witness a polo game played by professionals and also become a polo player yourself for a day!

Highly trained instructors will explain the rules of the game so you can enjoy and play a mini polo match by the end of the day.

The dream of horseback riding and spending a day in the countryside is possible in Argentina Polo Day. Visit us, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this fantastic adventure just 50 minutes away from Buenos Aires city.

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