Horses Feeding on Fruits and Vegetables

Horses Feeding on Fruits and Vegetables

As herbivores, horses feeding include a very specific diet suitable for the proper functioning of their digestive tract, which is very long and sensitive.

However, like any living being these animals can have some treats. As long as they are administered responsibly, fruits and vegetables can be that ideal treat for the animal, since they are very beneficial for the horse and in turn give the animal a pleasure. However, it is very important to understand that these animals cannot eat all of them.

The ideal fruits and vegetables for feeding the horse are carrots, strawberries, bananas, lettuce, beets, melons, squash, celery, watermelon, grapes and grapefruits, among others. All of these are rich in nutrients, healthy and wholesome, as well as delicious. On the other hand, there are also fruits and vegetables that are not recommended to give to the horse. Among some of them are apples and apricots. This is because it has seeds that contain minimal amounts of cyanide, which is very toxic for the horse. Although the amounts of it are low, it is best to avoid them. Avoiding avocado is also recommended, since eating a few units can lead to poisoning, so you cannot use them as rewards or snacks. Furthermore, the symptoms of avocado poisoning in the horse are very varied and nonspecific. The process involves cardiac, respiratory and nervous disorders, among others.

It should be clarified that the best way to give these foods to the horse is as a reward and not as a replacement of the balanced feeding. The best thing is to give it little by little and in pieces without the pit. You have to be very careful with the amounts; excess sugar is not healthy for the horse. Fruits and vegetables are small permissions of the horse that will generate an enjoyment in addition to providing hydration and vitamins. The idea is to give this food no more than 2 times a day, in any case, consult your vet before implementing it in your horse’s diet.





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