polo and women

In spite that nowadays polo is associated as a sport exclusive for men, it’s important to highlight that through history women had practiced it. Poet Nizami, from XIII´s century, writes the love story between King Sasánida Khusrau and his beautiful wife, Shirin, around her abilities in the polo field. In China, Nurjehan, wife of the Persian emperor Jahangir, was expert in this sport. In Argentina, polo and women has acquired visibility during the last years. The amount of tournaments has tripled since 2009 and there are more than 400 women players in all the country.

This growth had led to the creation of a women`s committee in the Argentina Polo Association in march 2010. One of the main initiatives of this committee was the creation of an exclusive handicap for women’s tournaments, in order to avoid comparison with men’s handicap. In this way, Argentina became the first country in applying this system. Below you will find a comparative table that will be useful to understand a little bit more about women´s  polo!


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