Polo Culture: Learning about Polo in Argentina

Polo Culture: Learning about Polo in Argentina

Polo has a vast presence in Argentina. It found a strong passion here, which made it become part of the Argentina history, its traditions and culture, thus creating a polo culture.

Polo arrived in Argentina together with the English immigrants in the middle of the 19th century.
The first polo match in Argentina dates back to 1875.
And In 1921 the Argentine Polo Association was founded.

Polo began to develop throughout the country, integrating more and more polo players born in Argentina. Today there are currently more than 300 clubs, 1,000 courts and 5,000 players throughout Argentina.

Each polo match is seen as a great event that exceeds the field. Once the game is over, it’s time to enjoy the afterpolo: a moment to enjoy Argentine gastronomy that ranges from asado and wine to «picadas».

In Argentina, polo is a lifestyle closely linked with the countryside and the Pampas, its traditions, values ​​and folklore. There is a strong connection between the life of the gaucho and polo. Polo is definitely part of the culture of this country and something that makes Argentines very proud!

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