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Polo is an intense and thrilling sport which offers anyone who wants to practice it a huge adrenaline rush. Most importantly, it is fundamental that anyone who decides to get on a horse goes out on to the polo field with the necessary polo equipment to avoid accidents and enjoy this sport in the highest  level of safety. For this reason, we are offering a safety guide on the necessary polo player’s equipment must have in order to comply with sporting regulations.

Helmet:  must have a rigid exterieur shell as well as interior padding to protect the rider’s head in case of a crash or fall. Its use is obligatory and serves to identify each player. Some helmets may include a face shield.

Riding boots: they are normally brown leather and have a small heel to give the rider the necessary grip so that the foot stays inside the stirrups. The boots should not have spurs, studs or buckles that could injure another player or a horse.

Knee protectors: used to protect the player’s legs from contact with the polo mallet, ball or if the player falls.

equipamiento par jugar al polo

Riding gloves: to protect the player’s hands and improve grip.

equipment tp play polo

Polo trousers: the rule is they must always be white.

Polo shirt: in general  it is a polo shirt or top with a collar and two or three button neckline. On the back is the polo player’s number as well as the club’s colours which he represents.

Protective eyewear: they provide security and protection from potential impacts or blows.

equipo que se necesita para jugar al polo

Polo mallet: measures about 1.3 metres. It is flexible and always used in the right hand. Even left handed players must comply with this rule.

Polo ball: this must weigh between 120-130 grammes and measure 76-89 mm in diameter. It can be made from madera wood or white plastic.

Riding whip: flexible and lightweight, used to direct and control the horse.

Stirrips: they are attached to the saddle and allow the rider to put their foot through giving security and stablility.

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