Polo Pony | The Argentine horse race

Polo Pony | The Argentine horse race

Argentina not only has the highest handicap polo players and the largest number of polo fields by surface area in the world

but it is the only country in the world to produce the specific race of horse called the “Polo Pony.” Because of this, the breeding of polo horses in this country has become a growing activity sustained over time by worldwide fame of the specific characteristics and traits of the “polo pony” breed. polo pony

The main characteristics that a poly pony must possess are speed, strength, and resistance. These animals must be very fast in short distances, but at the same time but be resistant enough to endure the intensity in a polo game.

Other characteristics of these animals are: balance and sensitivity. These traits are demonstrated and strengthened by the link between the horse and the player, and are definitely an attribute to the game. It’s fundamental that polo horses allows the player to fully control them and their abilities.

In regards to physical structure, the Argentine Polo Breeders Association (which is the organization that registers this Argentine Polo Pony breed) has indicated that on average, this race has a height of 1.56 meters and an average weight between 400 and 500 kilos.

The body is thick, muscular, and heavy, with a well-proportioned head and predominantly straight profile, as well as a long a straight neck that favors balance. The hind legs are muscular,

A fundamental peculiarity of the polo horses is that their mouth must be very sensitive and responsive to the orders of the players. It’s precisely in the mouth of the animal where the player gives orders to break, advance, and turn, and the delicate system of moving the horse is based.

As for their character, remember that these animals must have an easy temperament by blood.

The walk of these animals also has its own characteristics: the Polo Pony horses have a quick, free and easy step, and an easy, elastic trot that is straight and effortless. Poly ponies also have a loose, balanced, and vigorous gallop that allows them to reach fast speeds quickly.polo pony

All of these features together make these horses part of equine elite at the global level, participating in polo tournaments as the perfect complement for the best polo players on the planet.


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