In this third edition of our section Face to Face, we interviewed polo visionary Rubén Jabib. Dedicated to polo for many years and founder of Argentina Polo Day, he tells us about his first steps in this sport and explains us why APD is leader in the tourist market and what makes it a reference in amateur polo.

 1)  When and how did your passion for horses and polo start?

RJ: Since I was very young. My mother had a polo field in Carlos Tejedor and I spent all my vacations there (three months). That “forced” me to be more creative and to find different ways forms entertainment than is currently of offer in the city. Riding a horse, having no idea how to, it’s a clear example of that. In relation to polo, I also started when I was young. In the polo field that I previously mentioned, my cousin made a small polo field. Since we only had one polo mallet, we began to make more of them with different materials in order to hit the ball and actually play! Although I was very connected to polo as a child, I spent some years away from everything connected to it. Eventually I decided to start with more professional training.

2) Polo players are born or made?

RJ: I believe polo players are made. Of course there are many people that are naturally born with some virtues that others don´t have. But I´m convinced that with dedication, effort and practice it is possible to become a professional polo player.

3) If someone is reading this article right now and has doubts whether to start playing polo or not, what would you say to them?

RJ: First: it´s never too late. In my personal experience, I rediscovered polo after many years and nowadays I spend most of time training and doing things that are related to it. Let me tell you that reader in Argentina Polo Day, for example, we monitor each individual case. That is to say that if a person comes to Argentina Polo Day for the first time, we see the level of experience that person has and then we determine where they should begin. During the first few months we generally suggest doing types of exercises that improve peoples’ ability to ride horses, so they can acquire confidence. I would say that this step is fundamental and should be prior to any other practice of polo techniques.

4) What is Argentina´s Polo Day objective?

RJ: Nowadays Argentina Polo Day is well positioned in the tourism market. We receive many clients from different parts of the world and many of them have fairly high polo playing levels. Nevertheless the objective of Argentina Polo Day over the next few years is to grow and to reaffirm itself as a leading polo organization, a club that can consolidate itself and compete in the major polo leagues.

5) Why is it different from other polo facilities being offered?

RJ: Firstly we are different because in Argentina Polo Day we have no seasons. We play polo every day of the year no matter if it is winter, summer or if it rains. Although this seems trivial, it makes a difference for those who are fans of this sport. And I would say that the second reason is because we satisfy the financial concerns of the people who are interested. We are economically accessible and very professional, a characteristic that makes us unique in the polo market.

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