Second Edition of Argentina Polo Day’s Pink Weekend

Second Edition of Argentina Polo Day’s Pink Weekend

encuentro de polo femenino

Since our recent highly successful launch, Argentina Polo Day decided to offer once again a ladies polo event and last weekend celebrated our second Pink Weekend.

The date was Saturday 10th August and the event was aimed at bringing women closer to the sport via a polo class with instructors and horses chosen specifically for the needs of each rider.

15 women, joined by their families, participated in this new initiative which allowed them, not only to learn techniques and gain experience of playing but also share the day with other women in a unique setting.

The participants were welcomed at El Camino Polo Club by the owners and the managers of Argentina Polo Day (Rubén Jabib y Celia Alfie); the event organisers , Sonia Heinze and Gaby Mueller; the designer, Estela Vázpolo femenino en buenos airesquez; and the sponsors who joined the initiative: Hotel Club Francés, Hotel Panamericano, Sturla Viajes, Maia, El Semillero y Just.

Throughout a relaxing day, the event was divided into a beginners polo class as well as a polo game (4 chukkers) for those women who had experience and wanted to participate. At the end of the game the winners received a worthy prize and expressed their desire to continue playing and learn all the secrets of this exciting sport.

After both the class and game, and to recuperate some energy, the participants were offered hot drinks accompanied by sweet and savoury treats. The afternoon continued with a prize draw among all those present and the winners were: Facundo Iappolo, Yamila Mercuri and Camila Mercuri (products by El Semillero), Cecilia (a pashmina from Maia), Luis Mercuri and Adrián Lagomarsino (a trip to Tigre from Sturla Viajes), Candela Mercuri (a n ight in Hotel Club Francés), Estela Vázquez (products by Just), Lorena Ojeda, Vanessa Vacarezza, María Celeste Gimenez, Silvina Gil Herrera and Agustín Vacarezza (a spa day in Hotel Panamericano).

To complete the day, all the participants enjoyed chatting around a big fire and laughing and sharing stories. They also showed their desire to share in the next edition of Argentina Polo Day’s exclusive Pink Weekend.


mujeres jugando al polo

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