Argentina Polo Day offers a wide selection of Polo programs for all the people who want to have a personal Polo experience in Buenos Aires. Among other things, the alternatives were designed considering the limited time available for tourists visiting the city. That’s why the company created a special program for short stays: the Polo Day enables visitors to discover the secrets of Argentine Polo, only 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires city.

secrets of argentine polo

No previous experience required for those who choose this program. Argentina Polo Day has a troop of Polo horses for different levels and a professional team that guarantee the possibility of enjoying a pleasant and different experience, in a friendly and cool environment.

Available every day of the year, the program begins with an instructional talk about Polo and horses, and continues with a live professional Polo game of 4 chukkers, with more than 30 horses.

Polo lessons Buenos Aires, Argentina

During the Polo Day, the visitors can also enjoy the traditional Argentine food: they can taste some delicious empanadas (Argentinean beef pasties), followed by an asado (traditional beef barbecue), with a fine selection of Argentine wines.

Argentina traditional foods

The program ends with a Polo lesson where visitors have the opportunity to ride a horse, hold a Polo mallet, kick the ball and take part of a small Polo game, feeling like professional players.

Without a doubt, Argentina Polo Day is a different experience only 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires city.

Polo sport players

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