The Arena Polo, the discipline that shines

The Arena Polo, the discipline that shines

The Arena Polo arrived in Argentina in 1922. At that time, the regulations of this discipline were poorly developed, but there was a lot of passion and innovative vision to take it forward.


In 1935, a group of national references, sports lovers, created the first Official Rules of the Picadero Game in Argentina.


Although the bases were already established here, Argentina has always led the game of polo on grass. In the rest of the world, Arena Polo was growing, and the USA and UK began to develop it more professionally.


With the construction of the first professional Arena Polo field in Argentina, and Rubén Jabib’s overwhelming push to position Argentina in this discipline, the Argentine Polo Association created the 2921 Arena Polo subcommission.


This advance helped to develop links with other polo clubs and Arena Polo commissions in the world, such as the US Arena, and thus exchange best practices and detail the regulations.


Arena Polo is the discipline that levels polo, which allows more people to get closer to the sport and the development of new standards throughout the world generates the expectation of becoming an Olympic discipline.