Watch The Pros, Play Like A Pro! | Argentina Polo Day

Watch The Pros, Play Like A Pro! | Argentina Polo Day

Learn about the rules of the game, the equipment used by the polo horse and the player and the different shooting technique. Be a polo player for a day. Play like a pro. Learn the secrets of one of the most exclusive sports in the world, right here in Argentina.


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Polo Day March 2th: Watch The Pros, Play Like A Pro!

Polo Night March 3rd: Girls Night Out, Polo Night!

Polo Day March 6th: Watch And Play Polo Every Day!

Polo Day March 7th: Escape From The City, Live Polo!

Polo Night March 8th: Best Polo, Unforgettable Night!

Polo Day March 9th:Today You Are The Pro!

Polo Night March 9th: Discover The Magical Polo Under The Stars!

Polo Day March 10th: Live Your Dream To Play Polo In Argentina!

Polo Day March 11th: Argentina Polo Day, Just The Best Experience

Polo Night March 11th: Polo Night, Polo Argentino Reloaded!

Polo Day March 13th: Live Polo In Argentina Polo Day!

Polo Day March 15th: Feel The Rush. Play Polo!

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