Argentine traditions: What to Do in an Estancia?

Argentine traditions: What to Do in an Estancia?

There are countless things to do in an estancia. The estancias offer activities of all kinds where guests can also enjoy incredible landscapes in the surroundings.


Among the things that can be done are horse-riding, take long walks, discover the flora and fauna, cool off in a good pool, ride in a carriage, play some sports like football or polo, or just rest.


In the estancias you learn about Argentine culture and traditions, enjoy countryside landscapes, live authentic gaucho experiences, and enjoy asados with local meat, among other typical Argentine foods.


Visitors find pleasure in living with nature, listening to the silence, and breathing fresh air. For children this are ideal places to play freely in nature and to learn about the tranquility that life offers away from the big cities.


One of the best characteristics of the estancias is the cordiality and friendship that is established between visitors and homeowners. The hosts are country people, gauchos, simple people who put passion in their land. In addition, a very personalized attention is provided.


Estancia tourism is an alternative chosen by more and more people. The need to find places that allow you to connect with nature and enjoy other types of activities is increasing rapidly.