Why is horse riding good for your health?

Why is horse riding good for your health?

Riding a horse is not only a fun activity to do, but it is actually one of the most efficient ways to exercise and be productive. Horse riding is really good for your health in many different ways!


Some benefits of horse riding are:

  • Cardiovascular health: even a moderate exercise of 30 minutes can make big improvements for your cardiovascular system.
  • Core strength: core muscles are the key to a good posture and balance while riding. When sitting tall in a horse, with your legs being pushed into its body, your core muscles are strengthened.
  • Burning calories: studies show that a 45-minute walking horse ride can burn up to 200 calories.
  • Lowering blood pressure: regular horse riding exercise and even just spending quality time with horses is proven to lower blood pressure, thus reducing the risks of heart disease.
  • Relaxing: taking a slow horse ride can relax both your body muscles as well as your mind, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.


A great way to incorporate horse riding into your exercise routine is playing polo. Improve your health and have loads of fun practicing this incredible sport!

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