4 Reasons You Should Try Polo

4 Reasons You Should Try Polo

Here’s why YOU should try Polo:

1. Described as a mix of horseback riding, hockey and soccer — polo has a tremendous amount of physical benefits. Polo is known to improve hand-eye coordination, upper body strength and postural strength, among other things.

2. A player once described the game as “high stakes chess for adrenaline junkies” Strategy is king in polo. Predicting your opponents’ and team member’s every move is a valuable tool.

3. The camaraderie is priceless. Polo is a team sport. Friends, couples and families can play with or against each other and talk about it for hours after the day’s final chukker.

4. Winston Churchill once said, “a polo handicap is your passport to the world” You get to meet with people that under no other circumstance would you have met. Polo canopen doors to an international network of polo clubs, players and new opportunities.

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