How To Choose a Polo Mallet?

How To Choose a Polo Mallet?

How to choose a polo mallet is not easy, especially for amateur players. Each polo player has his taste, experience level and feels comfortable with a different type of mallet.

The weight:
Depending on your physical complexion, your position on the polo field and your way of playing, you will need a different mallet’s weight.

At first, it is advisable not to use very heavy mallets. In addition to not being handled easier, it can also cause an injury.

If you play forward (number 1 or 2) it is normal to use lighter blocks than if you play 3 or back. The latter are helped by a greater weight in the block to get longer shots and passes.

Flexible or rigid?
A player with good timing will want the cigar to be where his hand is, so he will use a wad with flex near the cigar.

The player without timing will always sin for his anxiety by lowering the cue early and, as a consequence, will impact the ball on its top.
If the player uses a mallet with a little higher flexion, the cigar will arrive later, thus compensating for its lack of timing.

There are 4 different sizes of grip or handle. The best way to choose yours is to try several sizes before choosing one. It is very important to be able to hit the ball correctly.

Mallet Length:
The length of the mallet is something very personal. It depends on the size of the horse and the physique and agility of the player. That is why for the same horse there are players who can use different measures of mallet.

A wise advise to choose your polo mallet is always to bring to each game different mallets, with different weights and sizes.

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