Where do Horses Live in Argentina?

Where do Horses Live in Argentina?

We know we can find them almost anywhere in Argentina, but where do horses actually live?

The Criollo horse is the most popular breed of horse in Argentina. This is the native horse of the Pampas, a region of fertile lowlands covering the territory of several Argentine provinces and neighboring countries.

While wild horses can be found throughout the vast territory of Argentina, these unique animals are usually domesticated for transport, therapy and sport. These activities come with special care considerations for horses, including safe and comfortable shelter.

It is worth mentioning, for instance, the case of polo horses. Given the country’s rich polo history and traditions, most of these horses live in estancias featuring stables and polo fields. Not only do stables provide them with shelter, but also proper food, training and veterinary care, among other factors that help them improve their performance.

Horses can also live in specially built facilities located in large areas of land, such as farms. This provides them with far more land for grazing and running free.

Now, whenever someone asks ‘Where do horses live?’, you know the answer and where to find them.