about us

about us

Argentina Polo Day

Leader in Argentina and main polo attraction in Buenos Aires.

We started Argentina Polo Day in 2009. Nowadays we have two Polo Clubs: El Camino Polo Club and La Carona Polo Club.

Argentina Polo Day is now the leader in Argentina promoting Polo for everyone who would like to learn and play, any day of the year. Our brand is recognized for its innovating spirit and for promoting Polo in Argentina and around the world, making it possible for people who have never had any experience with polo or even a horse to enjoy the sport.

Through our Polo Day, Polo School and Polo Holidays, we have attracted over 3500 new players every year, sparking an interest and a passion for the sport. Our mission is our passion.

We share this passion with everyone who would like to know more about the secrets of this hitherto exclusive sport.

Argentina Polo Day is at a privileged location, very close to Buenos Aires city, which hosts many of the most important international polo events and championships and we are located next to the Estancias of some of the best polo players in the world. As part of our desire to instill companionship and solidarity in the practice of this sport, we offer our facilities and knowledge to all visiting players.

They choose us because they enjoy their stay with their family and because we give them the personalized service they deserve.

Don‘t miss becoming involved with this exciting sport.