How fast does a polo pony run

How fast does a polo pony run

The fastest Polo pony are bred in Argentina. Their distinguished characteristics come from the crossbreeding of the English thoroughbred horse with the Argentine wild horse.


From the crossbreeding of these two breeds, and with the evolution of equine generations, the gene pool of these marvelous animals has been improved increasingly.


They have long necks, slender bodies, and strong quarters and limbs to withstand the demands of the sport, as well as a good snout to respond quickly to the polo player’s orders.


The average speed reached by a professional polo pony is 60 km/h, but there have been records of 78.5 km/h of the horse Dalía, a thoroughbred mare played by Lucas Monteverde in the 2011 Palermo Open.


La Dolfina Cuartetera, considered the best polo pony in history, was born in Córdoba, a product of Adolfo Cambiaso‘s foray into the world of cloning. He is an embryo of Lambada and Sportivo, two outstanding horses.


The Argentine polo field is an experience of adrenaline and speed. The Chukkers of 7 minutes, seem short periods, but of a remarkable intensity and horses are needed to the height.

Visiting Buenos Aires and looking for fun and unique activities, such as living the polo culture, and enjoying the speed of these horses in the countryside is a must on any traveler’s itinerary.