Arena Polo in Argentina: fast and fun

Arena Polo in Argentina: fast and fun

Any person fan of fast and adrenaline sports is quickly fascinated by arena polo. It is more agile and dynamic than traditional polo and the main reason for this is the surface on which it’s played.

The court is usually 100 yards or 92 meters long by 50 yards or 46 meters wide. The smaller size means that the runs the players and their horses make are shorter, pushing them to change directions more often and contributing to watch more action up close.

Teams are of 3 players and the ball used is much bigger than the one in grass polo. In cases where the arena field is not covered, the limits of the field are determined by wooden planks of at least 1,5 meters high on a 68° angle. This particular angle protects the players’ legs so that when their horses run into them, their legs won’t get crushed.

The wooden perimeter also helps the ball keep moving as it continues to bounce back. Therefore, the play never seems to stop and all arena players must face the challenge of reacting quicker than they would on grass, pushing them to think of new, different and faster strategies.

These characteristics make arena polo such a dynamic and fun sport to play!

And for those polo fans who are looking for more: how about playing arena polo at night? Our professional arena polo field is the only illuminated one in South America.
Playing polo under the stars certainly adds magic to this already awesome sport!

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