Polo Pony Feeding: Benefits of Natural Grazing

Polo Pony Feeding: Benefits of Natural Grazing

Horses are a pivotal factor for successful polo players. This is why special attention must be paid on their polo pony feeding and rest. While their diet may include grains, the best and most natural source of food ponies is good pasture and dry hay.

Ponies need a suitable diet based on their shape and training. In addition to hay, grains or any other special nutrition requirements recommended by the veterinarian, they require open lands of grass as their main source of food. Well managed horse pastures contribute to better physical and mental health.

Natural grazing has many benefits given typical characteristics of horses as evidenced by their strong, individual rhythm and pattern of movement while grazing. They use their vibrissae and sense of smell to select pastures. Rhythm and relaxation in movement helps horses to keep their energy and allows them to remain alert to their environment. Grazing also allows them to stretch and tone their muscles.

Good diet and rest are key factors for high performance and a healthy life!

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