treats for polo horses

Sometimes, it is good to give treats for polo horses, to show them that they’re doing a good job when we are training them, or just to show them how much we love them. There are many options as regards to safe treats for horses, such as carrots, apples, sugar cubes, hay cubes, peppermints. It all depends on the horse, since they have different tastes.

It is very important not to give them too many treats for polo horses, and to feed them in small pieces if, for example, we are giving them carrots or apple, to prevent them from choking. It is necessary to keep in mind that treats are meant for special occasions, since we wouldn’t want to spoil the horse either.

There are as well many options that are not considered to be good treats, such as potatoes or tomatoes, since they can cause digestive problems to the animal. If the horse is used in competitions like polo games, it is very important not to feed them chocolate, since it can test positive in drug tests. Nevertheless, if you do it the right way, giving a treat to your horse is always a good experience, and will create a positive bond between you and your horse.

Source:  Argentina Polo Day

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