The characteristics of the Polo Argentino horse are specific and very distinguishable, because this breed is a combination of thoroughbred race horses and horses from the countryside.

While it was used well for several years, the rusticity of the horses in the game left the sport in the 70’s at the same as professionalism and increased competition came into the sport. Speed began to be the most valuable skill of these animals, which is why thoroughbreds were added, especially for races now which require great endurance and speed.


This genetic trait and natural selection gave the same result and with the geographical characteristics of the Pampas, become the Polo Argentino breed.

The evolution of the type of game has given way to the mental and physical characteristics that these horses should have in order to adapt. The polo ponies, unlike the rest, are tough and fast therefore inherit conditions like those received from training in their first year of life.

Horse Polo Argentino are raised for their agility and dexterity more than for their beauty. It has a long neck, slender body, and hind quarters with strong limbs to withstand the demands of the sport.

A key feature of these horses is a good mouth to respond to orders from the player with special sensitivity, as in the animal’s mouth acts as brakes, and provides athletes an opportunity to establish a delicate system of signals in order to control the animal.

The legs of the Argentine Polo Horses are wide, rounded and smooth; and the tail is elegantly shown. This set of skills enable it to fulfill its function for playing polo. Sometimes the tail is braided to prevent hair tangling with tacos. The mane of the animal also usually cut close to the skin to keep the rider from getting entangled.


The height of these horses is 1.56 meters, and the weight is between 400 and 500kg, allowing for endurance and speed which is needed to pursue the game of Polo. The temperament of these animals is in its blood.

In terms of action, the step is seen easily. His trot is right, with low action, and these horses gallop vigorously and showing great balance.


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