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Every ‘amateur’ spectator who wishes to see a game of polo for the first time needs a basic guide to know and understand what happens on the polo field. The purpose of this post is to list the issues to consider when watching a polo match whilst taking into account the rules of the game are meant to ensure the safety of both the players and the horses and hence avoid accidents and minimise risks.

Polo Rules

1. The aim of the game of polo is to score goles,
that is to say one must pass the ball between the gole posts using the polo mallet. Each time that a team scores, they change to the opposite gole posts.  The team who score the most goles, wins the game.

2. The game is divided into periods called chukkers which last 7 minutes. A polo game has a mínimum of 4 and a máximum of 8 chukkers. A horse can play a máximum of 2 chukkers per game.

3. If the game is a draw, an additional chukker is played. The first team to score a gole is the winner.Argentina Polo Day

4.  On the polo field, each polo player plays a key role within the team: number 1 plays a forward, and numbers 2 and 3 play in the centre of the field, with number 4 in defense.

5. The most important concept is the take into account the line of play with the ball, the right of way is marked by the trajectory of the ball and which changes every time play changes direction. No player can cross that invisible line of play unless it is at a distance which is deemed safe where there is no possibility of collision or danger to other players.

6.  A player can take an invisible line by pushing his opponent to the side. You can push with your arm from the elbow upwards, against another player who keeps the elbow close to the body. What is not allowed is pushing with your hand, hitting or pushing with the head, forearm, or elbow area.

7. A player may hook or block another players mallet with his own, but can not deliberately touch another player or an opponent’s polo horse.

028. The players must always use the mallet in their right hand and use it in a way that doesn’t interfere with  another player or horse.

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