Polo Experience, a major adventure when traveling to Argentina

Polo Experience, a major adventure when traveling to Argentina

Being one of the oldest sports in the world, polo boasts over 2500 years of history. Throughout this time, polo has seen a magnificent journey and when it eventually found its way to Argentina, it saw itself developed to maximum potential.

The key to the superiority of Argentine polo has to do both with the skill of the riders and the quality of the horses. As a matter of fact, the 10 polo players with the best handicap are Argentines. 

Furthermore, the high skill level of the Argentine game has turned the three most important Argentine tournaments, the Argentine Open, Hurlingham, and Tortugas, into the most prestigious tournaments worldwide, known as the Triple Crown of Argentine Polo.

Argentina offers a wide-ranging tradition in respect to polo, giving everyone the possibility to enjoy the noble sport of top-notch horses and skilled polo players. Alongside a typical “asado” and a great bottle of Argentine wine, it’s an amazing experience both for the polo lovers and for those just curious about the sport.


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