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Why did Argentina become synonymous for polo game?

The prestige of this sport is personified by its players, real ambassadors of the Argentinean international level polo game, by the quality of our polo horses and by the Triple Crown, formed by the Hurlingham Open, the Tortugas Open and the Palermo Open, the three most important polo tournaments in the world. These three factors combine to transform Argentine polo into a solid attraction at touristic level, both for casual fans of the sport and those that want to discover all its secrets.


What do you need to play polo?

Field: it must be 230-270 meters long and 130-145 meters wide (the size of about five soccer fields). It can be of grass or turf and has two goals, formed of two wicker posts, located 7.3 meters apart from each other.

Players: You need two teams of four players on horseback. Number 1 is the attacker, 2 is the attacking midfielder, and 3 and 4 are the defensive midfielders.

Horses: the Polo Argentino breed is a mix of crossbred working horses and pure breed racing horses. The main characteristics of these horses are their speed (they can run at 60 km/h), agility and docility. They have an average height of 1,60 meters.

Referee: You have two referees on horseback and a third man, who is positioned outside of the field. He intervenes only in case of disagreements about a ruling.

juego de polo

How long is a game?

The game is divided in 7-minute periods called chukkers. A polo game has a minimum of 4 chukkers and can last up to 8 chukkers. In general, due to the intensity of the game, players need to mount new horses after each chukker, as they can run up to an exhausting 3,2 km per chukker.

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