5 Polo Terms to Know

5 Polo Terms to Know

Going to a polo match is like entering another world. It is a sport full of action, adrenaline and excitement. Here are polo terms to know if you’re heading to a match:


Polo Pony

A polo pony is a horse that’s been bred specifically for the sport. They’re quick, agile and the best ones are from Argentina. Because the sport is very intense, a player switches ponies each chukka to give the horses a much-needed rest.



A goal is scored when a player hits the ball between two end posts. Even if the ball goes higher than the posts, as long as it crosses the goal line between them, a goal is awarded.



A chukka is a period of play. A polo match is divided into 4 or 8 chukkas which last 7 minutes.



A mallet is the stick a player uses to hit the ball. The handle is made from bamboo and the head is solid wood. All polo players hold the mallet in their right hand, as it’s the rule of the game.



The grass field on which the match is played is known as the pitch . At each end are goal posts and the field is usually 300 yards long.


Now that you know this 5 Polo Terms, you are ready to go and enjoy a good game of polo, the sport of kings.