Dream Polo , Wish Polo, Play Polo!  | Argentina Polo Day

Dream Polo , Wish Polo, Play Polo! | Argentina Polo Day

Our Full Polo Day program is designed for you to become a polo player for the day. We received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for 6 consecutive years.

We would like to share with you the experience of our visitors during November. We enjoyed great moments watching and playing Polo, we also learned about the rules of the game, the equipment used by the polo horse and the player and the different shooting technique.

¡Be a polo player for a day!

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Prácticas Polo Night Nov 8 y 10 : Estan Lloviendo Estrellas!

Polo Day Nov 10th : 1,2,3 Play Polo Now!

Polo Day Nov 11th: Any Time Is Polo Time !

Polo Day Nov 12th : Dream Polo , Wish Polo,Play Polo!

Polo Day Nov 14th : Enjoying Any Day Playing Polo

Polo Day Nov 17th: Your Best Day Playing Polo!

Polo Day Nov 18th: Time To Play Polo Is Every Day

Polo Day Nov 19th : All You Need Is Polo!

Polo Day Nov 20nd : Weather Is Always Good For Us To Play Polo!

Polo Day Nov 21st :Enjoy Your Time Playing Polo!